How Do I Get Started on My T-Shirt Quilt?

  1. Contact me via the interest form below.
  2. I will be in touch to confirm your booking, at which time a $50 deposit is due (the remaining payment is due upon shipment of your finished quilt).
  3. Once you have confirmed your order with a deposit, drop off or ship your t-shirts to me.
  4. Choose your accent and backing colors from the options provided.
  5. Supply your message to be embroidered on a panel that will be sewn onto the back of the quilt.

If you are interested in alternate sizes or layouts please contact me via the interest form get pricing.

What Can I Expect from a Sentimental Sewing Company T-Shirt Quilt?

There are countless ways to make a t-shirt quilt, but here are my steps to ensure the finished product is made to endure countless hours of snuggling and machine washing when needed.

  • Triple washing the shirts before trimming, interfacing (to add stability), and cutting to size
  • Digital layout of the shirts to determine placement and optimal accent colors
  • Piecing of the quilt with 100% cotton borders to frame each shirt and the whole quilt
  • Edge-to-edge quilting of the quilt top to the super soft, lightweight microfiber backing
  • Binding the edges of the quilt for a beautiful and secure finish
  • Embroidering a personal message of your choosing on the back

Orders take 2-4 weeks to complete once the t-shirts have been delivered to me. Timing will be confirmed upon contact and is dependent on other orders in the cue. If you have a deadline for when you need it back by, please let me know.

How is a T-Shirt Quilt Different Than a T-Shirt Blanket?

The key difference is the quilting.

T-Shirt Quilts are made such that the top layer is stitched (or quilted) to the back layer. This makes for a more secure and long-lasting finished product. I utilize edge-to-edge quilting with my computerized longarm sewing machine which allows me to quilt with cool designs not possible with a standard sewing machine.

T-Shirt Blankets, in comparison, are stitched around the outside edge of the top and back layer as the only means of holding the two layers together.

Should I Cut My Shirts Before I Send them to you?

Ideally, no. I would prefer the full shirt so that I can cut them to a large enough size for the quilt block.

Do I Get to Pick the Fabrics?

Yes, I will provide you with a selection of front frame colors and backing colors to choose from. If the color you're interested in is not in that list, I can most likely find it.

What is a Digital Layout?

This is a step I like to take once the shirts have all been cut to size, but before they are sewn together into the quilt top. I utilize quilting software that allows us to visualize the finished product and easily make changes to find the optimal t-shirt placement and accent colors. You can communicate your ideas to me at the start of the project (or just ask me to make a recommendation) and I will create that into a digital layout. I will send you the digital layout and ask for your feedback/approval within 24 hours.

How do I Wash my T-shirt Quilt?

Your t-shirt quilts can be machine washed on the delicate cycle with whatever detergent you prefer. It's a good idea to use some Color Catchers in the wash cycle the first time you wash it to ensure the colors of the fabric don't bleed. I will include those with your shipment of the finished quilt.

Dry on delicate cycle or low heat to remove some of the moisture, then hang to air dry. Do not use high heat to dry.