Meet the Maker

Hi! I'm Erica, the maker behind The Sentimental Sewing Company.

While I didn't set out to start a little sewing company, I'm glad I'm here! This part of my story starts during the pandemic which brought about lots of time at home and a interest in making masks. The first day of lock-down, I purchased a sewing machine online and started my journey of learning through YouTube and lots of trial and error. Over the last three years, I've made hundreds of masks and delved into the world of quilting and bag making which is what brings me here today.

I've found great joy in the act of making things for others, especially when I can bring some special meaning into what I'm making. A belt bag with a special saying embroidered on it that's meaningful to the recipient, a travel bag with a nickname that only a few people get to use, a blanket in someone's favorite colors with their name embroidered on it. Each gift is an opportunity to thread together some deeper meaning with the materials its made of, creating something not only purposeful but truly one of a kind. These are all just little, but lasting ways to show someone you care, and that's the foundation of The Sentimental Sewing Company. 

The rest of my story is pretty blessed. I have a great partner in my spouse with whom I've been married to for 21 years and counting. We have two really awesome kids (if I do say so myself) who are in high school and middle school. Two dogs who keep my feet warm while I sew. And twenty years of corporate marketing experience where I got to work with some of the world's best brands. 

Thanks for coming to my site! I'd love to collaborate with you to make something special for someone special in your life. 



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